[EXTENTSION] install OvenCMS Yii + jQuery

hi all, please help me…

how to install ovencms.

because I found many errors in this extension


Hi, i also need more information about how to install that extension, i downloaded the file ovencms_release_v_0_9.zip [1] and i extract the folder ovencms to my _serverpath/ovencms.

Then i edit the following line of the file _serverpath/ovencms/index.php.

// change the following paths if necessary

$yii = ‘../framework/yii.php’;

for the path where i have installed the Yii framework.

Also i execute the SQL query to create and populate the tables in my MySQL database.

And configured the db array in the _serverpath/ovencms/protected/config/main.php

But when i go to a browser and enter to http://localhost/ovencms i have the following error.

include(UserStatus.php) [<a href=‘function.include’>function.include</a>]: failed to open stream:

[1] http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/ovencms/#download

Nicolas Ardison

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Me too! I managed to get past the first error by commenting out the call to UserStatus in


but then it fails instead on looking for Group

There must be something missing in the latest release like some files that were in an earlier release but left out in this release is my guess… oh well I’ll try another CMS or build my own.

I would suggest to not install this extension. It is missing a lot of functions. After getting to the point of being able to display the screen non of the menu links work. This extension should be removed from the extension library.