How do I use extensions in a module? do i write in my main config?

Also, What if I want to use a model from a specific module in the rest of my application? Can that be done?


Hello Diane, at first place your extension must be copied into /yourproject/protected/extensions folder, then review the specific extension doc to know about how it works. So many extensions have its own mechanism.

By default extensions in the protected/extensions folder are accessible by all modules as long as they’re declared and initialized in the config/main.php file. If a module specific model has to be accessible from the rest of the application I would place it in the protected/models folder (instead of the module’s); That way it’s also accesible throughout the app.

Thanks bluyell and JFReyes for your direction.

I wanted that my module is self-sufficient and can be transfered independently of other files in my protected folder but i see that’s not necessarily the correct approach.