Extensions section - needs refactoring


section for Extensions is quite badly designed and has design like the very first implementation:-)

It is quite hard to find anything if there is lots of extensions under a single subsection (e.g. User interface holds 220 extensions).

Besides it does not distinguish between extension - module - widget.

And perhaps filtering for particular framework version (1,X, 2.X).

Plus there should be a section for THEMES!!!

I would suggest improving design interface plus more user friendly search options like this:

  • filtering via checkboxes (e.g. combining category validation + tag model)

  • using the same categories like now, but open subcategories under main category (e.g. under category User Interface would open subcategories WYSIWYG, GUI elements, Calendars, etc)

  • listed would be only checked filters or everything if nothing checked

Joomla and drupal have somewhat well implemented this feature.