Extensions for yii1 & yii2 - yiigist.com


Good news for those who are waiting for a repository of yii2 extensions. We are pleased to introduce our own solution - yiigist.com.

Currently the repository supports only yii 1.* and yii 2.* packages published in packagist.org and located on github.com. It should meet 80% of the needs.

If you need more functionality, or you find an error on the site, feel free to contact us via the feedback form or email support@yiigist.com.

We hope you enjoy our solution!

Sincerely, The PHPTime. Enjoy your coding!

Thank you for sharing :)

We hope our project will help for your work!

Though its a good start… it does not contain most of the popular Yii2 extensions - really could not find a need for this as the search on packagist is better.

Project there for 2 days. We do not engage in its special content. All developers who saw the announcement, added their packages. Soon will publish packages of other developers.