[EXTENSIONS] EchMultiSelect + jqRelCopy

Hello everyone,

I am running into a little snag with combining extensions "EchMultiSelect" and "jqRelCopy".

What I’m trying to do is copy a set of form elements (login info) one of which elements is an EchMultiSelect widget.

According to tutorial on the jqRelCopy page, I would need to pass a copy of the element (datePicker in their example) to the ‘jsAfterNewId’ option:

'jsAfterNewId' => JQRelcopy::afterNewIdDatePicker($datePickerConfig),

So, I tried to modify that to:

'jsAfterNewId' => JQRelcopy::afterNewIdMultiSelect($multiSelectConfig),

Where I also added the following to JQRelcopy.php:

	public static function afterNewIdMultiSelect($config)


		$options = isset($config['options']) ? $config['options'] : array();

		$jsOptions = CJavaScript::encode($options);

		return "if(this.hasClass('hasMultiSelect')) { this.removeClass('hasMultiSelect'); this.relCopy(jQuery.extend({$jsOptions}));};";


But nothing is being copied.

Can someone help me with this please?

Thanks in advance!