Extensions, components, helpers, widgets...

In which case I have to use extensions, helpers, widgets or components?

I have read the guide but do not fully understand the differences between them and when to use one or the other. :(


Extension: I create an extension when I implement a feature that is not on the library and ‘extends’ its functionality from an already built component or a new one. An extension can be anything… (helper, widget, behavior, child object… whatever).

Widget: I create widgets when is mostly related to HTML elements to be rendered. I take advantage of its live process: init() , run(), beginContent(), endContent(), etc… In order to render the elements. Those elements can be anything from Clips, Portlets, to Lists and even Grids.

Helper: If you look on CHtml object you will clearly understand what is a helper :)

IMHO, in fact, extensions, widgets, helpers they are just terms, as all of them are components with different live cycle http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/api/1.1/CComponent

Thanks for the explanation Antonio, very useful to me.

(pd: do you speak spanish?)

SI hablo español? Por supuesto… :)