Extensions and Widgets Licensing Open Discussion

Hi there,

There are at least as many points of view on licensing problem as developers around the world. But since we are discussing Yii extensions and widgets I would like to open this discussion to gather in one place opinions of other developers about this subject.

In particular:

[list=1][](more like to Qiang and others at Yii Dev Team): Can we use Yii License to re-license our extensions to core framework under it? Is is worth doing so (more like to others) - I mean: how much this licensing model is or isn’t restrictive.[]GPL, LGPL, Mozilla, Public Domain, Creative Commons or many others? What are your opinions, experience, what faults of particular licensee you would point out at first place? If you ever released any piece of code under any of above named, which one did you selected and most important - why? Or maybe - WTFPL License - the shortest license text I ever seen? :][]Or maybe commercial licensing? And if so - then what mechanisms you would propose (or you’re using) to protect your code (a bit off-topic, but also related)?[]Dual Licensing? Why? For who, what are pros and cons, etc.?[/list]

Thank you in advance to any participant to this discussion for sharing your thoughts, ideas and visions.

Haha, I just have to put my Cornify extension under WTFPL. Perfect match :lol:

But really: I prefer the Apache 2.0 Software License for all my OSS projects. It just fits my attitude towards such projects best.


I use to use the BSD Clause-3 aka New BSD license and GPL in my personal projects.