[Extension]Yiigems - A Skinnable Widget Set


Dear Members,

I have been working on a Yii extension called YiiGems which has more than 2 dozens of widgets. A preview of these widgets is available at yiigems.com. Please take a look and provide your feedback using the contact form on that site. It is still in development stage and will be released within a month or so.

I am looking forward for your feedback.




I am excited to announce that beta version of yiigems is available for download now at yiigems.com. A preliminary version of class reference is also available in the same site.



Added a new beta version to the web site yiigems.com. Highlights of this version:

  • Photobooth to take pictures from webcam and integration with forms.

  • Integration with Open Flash Charts.

  • Icon Buttons

  • StarBursts

  • Improved form and tooltip widgets

  • New SpeechBubble that allows border and accurate positioning.