[EXTENSION] yii2-workflow

Hi all,

Did you use the simpleWorkflow behavior with yii 1.x and felt abandoned since you migrate to Yii2 ? This time is over thanks to yii2-workflow.

You don’t have any idea about what a workflow is ? Think about a Post model in a blog system. A post can have several statues. For example it can be draft (not visible in front-end), to-approve (waiting for publication) , published (visible to visitors), archived (visible in the Archive section), canceled, etc … All these statuses are linked together by transitions : a draft Post can go to to-approve but not directly to published… it all depends on the business rule you need to implement.

If you have 4 statuses managing the transitions among them is not so difficult, but imagine you have a complex workflow with 10 or 20 statuses and plenty of transitions between these statuses …it can turn into a nightmare to handle. In this case, yii2-workflow is here to help and turn this nightmare into a sweet dream.

[color="#0000FF"][size="3"]If you want to know more, have a look to the yii2-workflow Extension page. [/size][/color]

…or visit :

  • Github Repository

  • Yii2-workflow Guide

  • Yii2-workflow API Documentation


Hi all,

Would you like to see yii2-workflow in action ? … checkout the Demo playground !

Would you like to see an experiment on how to use yii2-workflow to implement the wizard UI pattern ? … there’s a demo for that too.

Would you like to see a workflow displayed directly in the browser ? … guess what ? yes: Demo.