[Extension] yii2-vuejs

Hi, this topic is for vue.js on yii2. choice for frontend. if you have any suggestion or issue please tell me.

thank you

Thanks for that!

Now I have a lot less excuse for actually using Vue and Yii together.

Is your intention to replace the V of the Yii2 MVC with VueJS? Would you be implementing REST and, if so, what sort of authentication would you look to use?

Do you want to do SPA ? or only like frontend part ?

thank for share!

Thank you for the extension.

I am trying to use this extension. I have multiple forms on the same page, rendered using vue jsx. For the first form I grab the csrf token from the html meta tag in head, once the first form is submitted, how to get the updated csrf token from the Yii2 backend before submitting the rest of the forms.

jQuery does this but how to do this using Vuejs 2.