[Extension] yii2-scheduling

Extension homepage: https: //github.com/omnilight/yii2-scheduling

Packagist: https: //packagist.org/packages/omnilight/yii2-scheduling

This extension is the port of Laravel’s Schedule component (http: //laravel.com/docs/master/artisan#scheduling-artisan-commands)


This project is inspired by the Laravel’s Schedule component and tries to bring it’s simplicity to the Yii framework. Quote from Laravel’s documentation:

In the past, developers have generated a Cron entry for each console command they wished to schedule.

However, this is a headache. Your console schedule is no longer in source control,

and you must SSH into your server to add the Cron entries. Let’s make our lives easier.

After installation all you have to do is to put single line into crontab:

          • php /path/to/yii yii schedule/run --scheduleFile=@path/to/schedule.php 1>> /dev/null 2>&1

You can put your schedule into the schedule.php file, or add it withing bootstrapping of your extension or application

More information is on github.com

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