Extension Yii-User

Hi. I’m new here and just started using yii. I found the yii-user extension and i am having trouble installing it. I tried posting in the thread of the yii-user extension page itself to ask question but it is saying that I don’t have permission yet to comment there since I am still new. So here I am posting here. Anyway here is my problem. After unzipping the yii-user extension in the protected folder and editing the config main and console file, I tried running “yiic migrate --migrationPath=user.migrations” inside my webapp folder or inside the protected of my webapp folder (almost tried every folder and ran this) but it keeps on saying that the user migration folder does not exist. Can anyone please help me? By the way, I am running on ubuntu 12.04 lts. Thanks in advance.

I did not have to run this command to make it work. I think this command is just for migrating existing users, which was not my case, and could be easily done by couple of sql queries.

Depending on where you’ve put the yii-user extensions you will have to change the migrationpath (it’s basically just a Yii alias).

For the user alias (in user.migrations), the module user also has to be enabled in your config/console.php (copy everything concerning this module from your config/main.php)




Alternatively this might work (but I wouldn’t recommend it because the module’s config will not be available, just to show you how yii aliases work for migrations):

$ ./yiic migrate --migrationPath=application.modules.user.migrations