[Extension] Yii Tagcloud [Canvas]

Hi all,

   This is the first extension post by me here.

yiiTagCloud [Canvas] is a Yii Framework extension of jQuery TagCanvas by Goat 1000.

Installation and Usage:


  • Extract ‘yiiTagCanvas’ folder to protected/extensions/yiiTagCanvas.


$this->widget('ext.yiiTagCanvas.YiiTagCanvas', array(






						'tagUrl'=>'tag Url',


						'image'=>array('imagePath'=>'path to your image',









						'tagUrl'=>'tag Url',


						'image'=>array('imagePath'=>'path to your image',






		'canvasOptions' => array(

				'initial' => array(0.1,-0.1),

				'textFont' => null,

				'textColour' => null,


				'tooltip'=> 'div',


				'maxSpeed' => 0.05,

				'interval' => 20,

				'reverse' => true,

				'depth' => 0.8,

				'shape' => 'sphere',

				'weight' => true,

				'weightMode' => 'both',


				'weightSize' => 1.0,

				'weightGradient' => array('0' => '#00f', '0.5' => '#0ff', '1' => '#00f'),




Please see the README inside the zip for more instructions on options and live demo.

Feel free to download this extension, and please report any bugs you find.

Also, I’ll update the extension as I can.

Enhancements and suggestions are welcomed.