[EXTENSION] Yii Documentor

Yii Documentor is a Yii command that can be used to generate Yii style API reference for a Yii application, a Yii extension or the Yii framework itself.

When generating API reference for an application or an extension, it can be configured to add the framework API reference or to link to its external API reference. This is really useful because allow having an integrated documentation and Yii extension developers can provide an API reference consistent and already familiar for the community users.

For applications and extensions, it allows to add links to its code source in an external repository.

As I’m new posting, Yii forum doesn’t let me to post the URL, but you can find it in github, username laMarciana, project yiiDocumentor. You know, url’s to github are github dot com slash username slash project


I’m trying out this extension currently, but having some problems.

One of them is that on line 265-276 in DocCommand.php you have the following code:

      /*For an application whic yii and extensions are not included, we need to add extensions folder to the include path*/

      if ($this->basePath === APP_PATH) {



What this does, at least for me, is making all the paths under the extensions folder imported. What then happens is that when a class is requested I get a problem because there’s an extension that have the same class name as the requested class, even though that is not the class that should be loaded. This is a local issue but I consider the cause of it pretty general.

So I’d like to ask why you have that code there? I fail to understand why you need to import all the stuff under the extensions/ folder. I totally don’t get it.

I’m not sure of a way to control this either; Exclusions in the ‘exclude’ option in the api.php config file is naturally without effect to what I described above.

A totally unrelated suggestion: Add a $configFile parameter, so that one can specify a valid configuration file when not using the regular main.php name for it.


I guess you should put the link to the extension page within the Yii site, that should work (at least worked for me)


I have a problem running command for creating documentation.

if a class uses yii webaplication properties, like this one

Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScriptFile(’../js/jquery.metadata.js’, CClientScript::POS_HEAD);

i getting a error property "CConsoleApplication.clientScript" is not defined.

any ideas?