[Extension] Yii-Apiauth

Hi all,

I would like to introduce you to a new extension: yii-apiAuth

Key Features:

  • For server-to-server communication (REST API’s)

  • Easy to implement (IMHO): intuitive yii-like filter / rules on controllers

  • Secure: uses Digest authentication (default) or Basic authentication (less secure, but can be very usefull when you’re already protected by SSL).

  • Focus only on authentication. Leave authorization to other (or already implemented) components/extensions

  • Extendable

Go to https://github.com/DenitS/yii-apiAuth

I’ll post this in extensions if anyone thinks it’s usefull (and gives me a better rating ;). can’t post anything in extensions yet…)

Remarks, improvements, questions are most welcome! Please reply here, or submit your issues @ github.

Disclaimer: Use at own risk! I’ve tested as far as I know how, but I’m not a security expert, so peer review can help make this extension better!