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Some weeks ago I wrote about one of my current project called vnotifier (http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=findpost&pid=186204).

Now, you can check it at the extension page: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/vnotifier/

If you have any comment, question or suggestion, please post it here, or at github (https://github.com/voidcontext/yii-vNotifer).

How do I start start redis

start notification-server.js. I mean are they included or I need to install them separately. Am getting this error No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Redis is a key-value store with publish/subscribe feature. You can download it from here. Nodejs can be founded here. They are separate softwares. If you’re using a linux distribution maybe you can find these 2 software in your package manager. After intalling and configuring, you have to start redis:


After installing nodejs, you will be able to run nodejs applications on server side. On linux nodejs comes with package manager called npm. You have to go to the bin directory and type

npm install

this will read the package.json file and will install the dependencies. If you are on windows I think you should install the dependencies manually as the npm on windows is not stable yet, but I’m not 100% sure about it as I’ve never used nodejs on win.

When it’s done you can run

node notification-server.js

I hope this can help! If you have more question then feel free to ask.

Hey there,

I am using your extension and so far I got everything setup. The redis server is seeing Messages with PUBLISH "broadcast" "test"

however the message test does not get appended to the list the notification Widget is rendering. Firebug says everything seems to be fine. Do you have any idea where I could start to plug this issue?

Thanks in advance.



Oh and … notification server is running on another server but that shouldn’t be a problem or?

Hi, i’m try to use your demo but when i go to send action page i have this error after 1 minute:

Uknown Error: 0



15     /**

16      * Unique Hash

17      * @var string

18      */

19     private $_token;


21     /**

22      * Returns the notifier application component

23      * @return VNotifier

24      */

25     private function getNotifier() {

26         return Yii::app()->{$this->notifierComponent};

27     }

1)the redis server is ok (have pong) and when i launch the notification-server.js it return me the new connection

2)i have install node_module with npm install on package.json folder

3)the console

$ node notification-server.js 

   info  - socket.io started

is started

4)the config.js file is setted:

var config = {

	port : 4000,

	redis : {

		port : 6379,

		host : null



module.exports = config;

5)i have also change in config/main.php the

'getUserTokenUrl' => '/notyfer/www/site/usertoken',

please do you have a solution?

thank you


Sorry for the delay, I’m a little busy nowadays.

Have you figured out what was the problem or still exists?

This error used to happen when the extension cannot connect to the nodejs server. Yes, I know this isn’t clear, I will work on it.

Which version did you use? I will update the github repo soon with some fixes…

Have a nice day :)