Extension to add a highmap

hi everybody,
i want to know if it exists an extension to add a highchart map or leaflet to my project

These are specific libraries so they are not available by default of course, and I don’t think anyone has created an extension for Highcharts or Leaflet in Yii2. There has been one or two years ago for Highcharts in Yii1, but like anything there is no reliability with code from so far back in time.

You can always have a look at the extensions here:

Someone else may know otherwise but it’s probably best you implement your own solution, that way you are in control and are without dependency on someone else.

Highcharts: GitHub - miloschuman/yii2-highcharts: Highcharts widget for Yii 2 Framework
Leaflet: GitHub - 2amigos/yii2-leaflet-extension: Yii 2 Extension library to display interactive maps with Leaflet .

Note Leaflet ext was updated in 2017