extension timepicker

I use extension timepicker and everything is ok when I render static view, when i render view by ajax timepicker not show in this view…??

put some piece of code

You should renderPartial(‘view’, $data, false, true), the fourth parameter set to true will render your the clientscript needed by timepicker.

As the clientScript managing is still a bit bagous, I suggest you to give a unique id to ALL components that needs clientscript (including link and ajaxbutton) that have to be rendered in ajax call.

I render partial with fourth parameter false and still not work.

I give unique id all componnets and stil not work.

I noticed that Google Chrome show only datepicker whithout timepicker, but IE or Firefox display nothing when I click input or button datepicker…?? Addition Chrome after click date with option showTime=true not display time but put date with time 0000:0000:00 ??

I try register script in static view, ex:



"my-id" is id of my input and it still not work :confused:

View myView rendered by ajax in controller:


And view myTime:

<?php $this->widget('ext.timepicker.TimePicker', array(









                'firstDay' => 1,