[EXTENSION] TConsoleRunner

Hi guys,

I would to share with you my new extension to trigger your console command application from your web application. This is coming from one of my work that need to parsing a big excel file and import it to database. Like we know, parsing big files will possibly ended with timeout. Yeah we can set the time with 0 so no time limit but this is not good for users that waiting the process for too long.

Check it out on http://www.yiiframew…tconsolerunner/

So i create this extension and use it with this flow:

[list=1][]I create a console command for parse the file that already upload by scan data directory or check on database[]User upload the file and I put it on runtime/data directory, or set a record on database and put it anywhere.[]After file saved or set on database that I notify the user that file already uploaded and will process on background.[]If you want to show the user the process, you can set an interval for ajax callback to check the log or database that will set from your console application.[/list]

Hope it’s gonna help you that have similar case with my work.