[EXTENSION] Simple Login Module

Hi. I have made a module that enables the registration of an unknown user immediately. It is very useful for project members who can be trusted among the corporation.

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Have fun  :D

I edited the previous post so that the screenshot and the demo URL are included. Please try out and have fun.  :D

It's very funny. When I downloaded the extension of my own, I got an error saying 'this is not a tar archive.'. When I downloaded it from the google code, it is OK. Then I compared two files as follows.

Correct one from google:

0000000 8b1f 0008 10df 4a43 0300 5ced 73eb b71b

0000020 9711 4eec b25b 2fd3 c99d 2be4 61ac d243

0000040 24a6 99be a290 5a1c 1da2 244e a552 b8e8

0000060 a66e 39c3 41de 8de2 778f 1dcc 47a8 fe3b

0000100 e9d0 963f aabf bb9f e00b 249e d945 e892

0000120 be24 35b5 3bba 162c 058f bf16 1605 14d2

0000140 eca6 3c6e e52c 6a81 8ab5 5df8 872d 4b7e

0000160 28da 8a14 7cc5 90b5 952f 1b0a 42f9 5aa1

0000200 6eae ca90 d703 d38b 61cc 4d8a 86c8 bca3

0000220 d99b be8a 6f94 fa55 94af d434 a33f db0e

Wrong one from Yii extension:

0000000 8b1f 0008 0000 0000 0300 2201 dd0f 1ff0

0000020 088b df00 4310 004a ed03 eb5c 1b73 11b7

0000040 ec97 5b4e d3b2 9d2f e4c9 ac2b 4361 a6d2

0000060 be24 9099 1ca2 a25a 4e1d 5224 e8a5 6eb8

0000100 c3a6 de39 e241 8f8d cc77 a81d 3b47 d0fe

0000120 3fe9 bf96 9faa 0bbb 9ee0 4524 92d9 24e8

0000140 b5be ba35 2c3b 8f16 1605 05bf d216 a614

0000160 6eec 2c3c 81e5 b56a f88a 2d5d 7e87 da4b

0000200 1428 c58a b57c 2f90 0a95 f91b a142 ae5a

0000220 906e 03ca 8bd7 ccd3 8a61 c84d a386 9bbc

Some extra bytes are added to the wrong file that has 23 bytes bigger in size.

I have deleted it and tried again, it is the same situation. Can you other guys do 'tar tvzf' to my extension?

I have just found that the object that I had uploaded is doubly gzipped. Is this a correct feature?

// I didn't have to remove previous r5 version of this extension…

Hi. This is a tip.

You may want to set the initial value of Yii::app()->user->loginUrl to ‘simpleLogin’ when you use this extension. You can configure it in the ‘config/main.php’ as below.







I have added this information to the documentation section of the extension as well.

aehm should I suggest myself what “…” means in http://pugpug.agilit…os/simpleLogin/ ????

After the system admin changed the forum system to IPBoard, all the links have been broken >:(

Well, I re-generate those links by hand as below.







Source repositry:


Thank you :D