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Jquery formwizard plugin

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Hi, I’m trying to use validation for one field but i’m unable to see the error message or use the validation from the examples.

This is my validation rule:

			'validationOptions' => '{

                                                    rules: {

                                                            field_a: "required",


                                                    messages: {

                                                            field_a: "required",




Any idea how to do this? And any help on using the same validation rules defined on our model without defining each rule again on this extension?

I manage to work my way around this, but still there could be some way to integrate this.

Another problem that i’m facing right now, and perhaps it does not have to do with this extension.

I’m using another language as my default language on my main.php and I can see the translated text on “normal” forms, but when I use this extension and use the required field I can only see the message “This field is required.” and not the translated message. I also changed the text on the jquery.validate.js that comes with this extension and nothing changed.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Language issue solved when upgrading to latest yii version 1.1.12, perhaps I edited some content when doing some translations and messed up something on the core. But it’s working now as expected. Thanks anyway. And keep up the good work! Awesome extension!

Hi, I’m having some trouble implementing the example 15 for this extension Anyone can share with me how I can implement this? From the example I only see the script but i would like to know how i can use this inside my widget in a similar way that we can see in the given example on the extension page.

Thank you in advance.

Hi… I try to make registration wizard divided into 4 steps…

I have problem, I want to save data every time I click next on each step…

What should I do? I look for this and cannot find anything about that, or would you mind to give reference link? Thank you…