Hello All,

This is the discussion thread for my SEO extension.

It’s time for a new extension. I wrote a small search engine optimization extension for my latest project. It has worked really well so I thought I’d share it with the community.

Download the extension here:


Fork the extension on Bitbucket:



nice thanks for sharing :lol: for me the SeoMetaWidget is more useful , great job!

Version 0.9.1 is now live:


What’s new?

  • Added the SeoTitle widget

  • Renamed the SeoMetaWidget to SeoMeta


Version 0.9.2 is now live:


What’s new?

  • Renamed the SeoMeta widget to SeoHead

  • SeoHead now renders the SeoTitle as well


Hey thanks for sharing.it’s nice… very helpfull.

I am quite new to seo and yii also…

My question is - how to set up Page Title for static pages?

If I use SeoHead, I get "Page Site - <Default Title>" as default Page Title.

How can I change it to be, for example, "Contacts", "About" (in my local language), if all these pages are Static and I am using CViewAction.

Thank you.