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This is a forum thread for the SDashboard module.

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Oh btw, I DO take feature requests on this.

Wont implement them all, but if there is any good suggestions I’ll for sure add it.

lookin gr8,

can i add block in demo, i tried in admin mode but can’t add…

Ah snap, There was a tiny bug after I fixed one thing just before realeasing…

try now^^

Yehh, working fine now. I will sure use this in my project when similar req there.

+1 for this - here and on extension page.

  • please make sure that add block will be enable on uploaded zip file on extension page.


Sure, how?:P

I thought you can update zip file or upload updated version Like This

Ahh, yeah, I thought this was so new and it was just a tiny fix, not worthy to be a new version because of that.

I’ll do some kind of version history if this improves.

Hi Sampa,

very nice idea but … the demo doesn’t work (at least, for me). Firebug console displays plenty of network errors (404 CHttpExceptions).


Yeah I checked that now, this is due to people adding random url’s in the ajax url field when creating portlets.

After all that is just a demo :P

I will try to add a "restore database" option when I get time.

I perhaps could add some check for this ( I dont know if it’s possible ).

However in sharp mode only people with access to the php files (controller/views) should be able to insert som value into that column.

When you use this module there is several ways to controll that, one would simply to delete the field from the form, or only echo it if a certain criteria is true, I leave that up to the user to decide:)

now it works fine … Thanks & good job Sampa !

Yeah you wont have that problem when you install it in your app :)

is it possible to part company with bootstrip ? actually i want use it with foundition :lol:

Possible absolutely.

The easy part:

Go thrue the views in sdashboard/views/ and sdashboard/components/views/_viewportlet

And modify the codesnippets that use the bootstrap extension to use yii’s version instead.

It’s not much actually, boothumbnails is CListView etc. It might look ugly after that but should work.

But you would have to do something about the modals.

I have never used foundation so I dunno how that works with foundation if they have any helpers.

The only javascript you have to modify is in sdashboard.js (bootbox.js you can remove…):

The delete action, which shows a confirm modal.

I modified it to remove that confirm dialog so it will be easier for you to add your own.


		var id = $(this).attr('name');


					  type: "POST",

					  url: "/sdashboard/dashboard/delete",


					  data: {id:id}

					}).done(function( data ) {



							$().toastmessage('showSuccessToast', "Successfull!");





@ Sampa:

thanks for your quick reply :lol: .

don’t have to work with foundation , only part company with bootstrap is ok (may be as branch version )

for the ugly list : i think the jcorner can be the substitute

i am busy developing a project .so if you have enough rest time could you do it :P if not i will try your suggestion later time.

any way this a good start for developing highly customize page . hope more and more guys join us :lol:

thanks again Sampa

Yeah dashboard really has ton of possible use-cases.

I really should release a version that does not use bootstrap but I have alot of things I want to do ;)

I’m just used to bootstrap and it saves so much time :P

Currently the modals, the confirm dialog and the icons is what makes bootstrap a must in this version.

The rest will work but probably look a bit weird. But thats easy for anyone with css knowledge to fix.

Would be wonderfull if people would contribute improvements, absolutely :)

Currently making a forum module for example and have paid work projects to.

Hi,i can’t open the demo page. :)


sdashboard seems promising and I have also not been happy with other dashboard solutions provided.

Nevertheless, I believe some zipped demo or directions are missing.

I believe everything is setup correctly, but I can’t make it work …

Setup done:

  • hide index.php (apache mod rewrite + urlManager activated)

  • added the module

  • added yii bootstrap

  • added the sql in the db, table is create with default data

  • db is correctly setup

Not even sure what is the default url. Is there a default implementation or should I make a page with my own portlet?

any help appreciated.

ANSWER: Default page implemented at sdashboard

EDIT: I realized 2 things:

  • Table name was not correctly setup: model Dashboard.php tableName()

  • I am not sure I use the correct yii bootstrap extension. There are tonnes with similar names. None I found contains bootstrap.widgets.BootModal

ANSWER: Correct extention is: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/bootstrap

but naming changed, all properties have to be modified from Boot to Tb like BootModal becomes TbModal

  • Also, if you change the default path for the module, you have to fix dashboard.js

EDIT: Finally got it to work, it does not really fills my needs, so I went for a custom made solution. Couple of controllers and one widget. Was easier than I thought!