Feel free to download it. Use this thread for discussion and bugs.


Excellent work. Did you forget to attach the file?

No, I was waiting for directions on the questions I posted on the “Guideline” topic in this forum (licencing and such :) )

Thanks, attached.

Updated to version 1.1

Uploaded to the new extension repository.

Great work!

The EReCaptcha widget was updated to fix bc compat with new CClientScript methods. Please upgrade the extension if you upgrade Yii to HEAD!

If you are using this for any kind of login, make sure that you put the ‘validacion’ rule before the array(‘password’, ‘authenticate’), rule. Otherwise a user can log in even if the captcha failed (recaptcha times out for instance).


has anybody tried to use this with CActiveRecord (ie: registration)?




i have downloaded the extension and install it.

but i cant display it on the site.

for your information i use the captcha in the submit testimonial form.

where this form will be shown (popup) when a certain button used.

to show the popup i use jQuery Boxy…

and it is stuck there, i cannot see the captcha.

anyone knows how to fix it?