[extension] qtip

qtip is widget extension that makes the use easier of the jquery qTip plugin and that also beautify CActiveForm with or without ajax validation enabled - and adding also hints tooltips.

Try it here http://www.yiiframework.fr/extensions/qtip/index.php?r=site/contact

I’m working on the first beta release that should out in a few days.

Comments are welcome.


it’s exactly what I need but can’t find any source to download it can anyone help?:S

me either, looking forward to using this extension!!!


can you please give us a download link for qtip extension?

Thank you :)

I’d like to have this extension, and I wrote one as it is unavalaible. I’ll post it soon.

That’s done. you can download it here. Don’t hesitate to post comments.

I have just downloaded qtip2, but I encountered the error

Redefining already defined constructor for class QTip 


47* @param minify bool true to select the minified js script

48      */

49     public static function qtip($jsSelector, $options = array(), $minify = true) {

50         if (! empty($minify)) self::registerScript(self::scriptName($minify));


52         Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScript(__CLASS__.$jsSelector, '$("'.$jsSelector.'").qtip('.CJavaScript::encode($options).');');

53     }


55     public $minify = true; // true to select the minified js script


57     public $options = array(); // array general qtip js options


59     public function __construct($params = array()) {

60         foreach ($params as $p => $val) $this->$p = $val;

61     }


63     /**

64      * @brief instance method to apply qtip on a widget or on any html item. can override general options.

65      * @param widgetOrSelector mixed  a widget instance or a jquery selector

66      * @param specific_opts specific options to pass to qtip javascript code

67      */

68     public function addQTip($widgetOrSelector, $specific_opts = array()) {

69         $jsSelector = is_string($widgetOrSelector) ?  $widgetOrSelector : '#'.$widgetOrSelector->id;

70         self::qtip($jsSelector, array_merge($this->options, $specific_opts), $this->minify);

71     }

Does anybody encountered this too? Is it because I am using Yii 1.1.6? How can I fix this?


The error was caused by E_STRICT in php.ini. Removing or replacing it solves the problem. I’m using PHP Version 5.3.3-1ubuntu9.3