[Extension]Push-Notifications-Yii Huge Update


We want to inform you that we have made some big updates of push-notifications-yii extension.

Now it supports latest version of Jeapie API (v2).

What do this means?

Now extension supports bulk mobile notifications.

You can create your notification provider and subscribe your customers or team-members on it.

After that you are able to send notifications to this users mobile devices from your yii-powered site or service.

As easy as

// to yourself


    ->setToken('tokenKey')          // required

    ->setTitle('titleOfMessage')    // optional

    ->setMessage('bodyOfMessage')   // required

    ->setPriority(0)                // optional. can be -1, 0, 1

    ->disableSslVerification()      // optional

    ->personalSend();                       // return true or false


// to subscriber of your provider


    ->setEmails(array('login@exmple.com'))       // required

    ->sendUsers();                   // return true or false


// to all subscribers of your provider



    ->broadcastSend();               // return true or false

And notification is delivered immediately.

Now it’s not only suitable for personal automation but also for teams.

Soon we are going to publish Jeapie Jira add-on for development teams.

We will be gladful for any feedback.