Extension of "Show unread posts since last visit" forum feature

I'm just wandering if there is possibility to manage somehow what is displayed under option "Show unread posts since last visit" on this forum. Probably most of us knows English maybe one or two more other languages and of course a native language. We have in this forum a lot of local boards, e.g. Russian or Chinese, which are really active one. Unfortunately (for me), I do not know both languages, so when I'm browsing unread posts I've to mark a lot of Russian, Chinese (and some other) posts first as read to be able to find interesting posts. This is unhandy for me (maybe also for some other users).

Therefore I'm asking if I can somehow to turn off notifications in "unread posts" for some boards. Is this possible? Is there any possibility that such feature will be added in the future?


I'm afraid this is not feasible as this forum is powered by SMF, not Yii.

I've played a little bit with SMF and I found this option. I've installed SMF 2.0 RC1.

Now you have to go: Forum -> Boards -> Settings and you have to mark option: Allow boards to be ignored. This allows then user to ignore some boards. After that I should be able to ignore boards and sub-boards using an option in my profile. Could you check if this option is available in version beta 4, which you are using here?

Thanks. I just enabled that.

Perfect, works!

:) thanks, it is useful for me too :)