[EXTENSION] Obfuscator


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Obfuscates email addresses in the source, but presents a valid address to user.

This extension is designed to protect email addresses from harvesting by spambots, through obfuscation. It then uses jQuery to clarify the email address, presenting a valid email address to the user (optionally in a mailto: link).



Yii 1.0.11 or above


  • Extract the release file under protected/extensions

  • Add the class as a component in your application’s main.php config file:




    'class' =>'application.extensions.obfuscator.Obfuscator',





The class has a single public function: disguise(). This function takes 2 parameters:

  • $email (string): The email address to be obfuscated

  • $link (bool): Whether the email address should be displayed to the user as a mailto link - default is ‘true’

Wherever you want an email address displayed, call the disguise function according to the following examples:

With a mailto link:

echo Yii::app()->obfuscator->disguise('user@example.com',true);

Without a link:

echo Yii::app()->obfuscator->disguise('user@example.com',false);

Hi, I know there’s been at least 2y since last update but I’d very much like if you would fix the following bug:

If my email address has a number in it (like: dust90feather), after obfuscation, it returns "dust45feather".

Thanks in advance.