Extension not showing in a new theme

Hi everyone, I have a doubt when creating themes from scratch.

I already have a theme and the structure for the files is the following:

  • themes


  • theme_name


  • css

  • images

  • scripts

  • views



I can’t seem to figure out why some extensions or widgets don’t render properly on my new theme, but they seem to work ok on the yii base theme.

For example the extension xheditor only works on the yii base theme.

From what I found here I understood that I might need to create new views for each extension or widget, or the obvious solution is something else instead?

By the way I’m having the same problem with the widget CJuiDatePicker, because I can only see it on the Yii base theme.

Do I need to create new views for each CRUD operation to work with my theme? For now my idea is to use the same theme in the backoffice for the CRUD that gii generates me and with some more time I will work on the theme for the backoffice, but for now I need to sort out what’s causing my extensions to “hide” when using a new theme.