Hello All,

This is the discussion thread for our Cms extension.

What is NordCms?

NordCms is a stand-alone module developed by Nord Software Ltd. The extension provides the core content management system functionality such as multilingual content and in place editing of content to any Yii project. It’s easy to use for both developers and editors.

What NordCms isn’t?

NordCms is NOT a full-blown content management system, it’s a single module for projects that need CMS functionality.

This module can be used together with my Bootstrap extension. Please see the extension page for more details.

Try out a demo here:


Download the extension here:


Fork me on Bitbucket:


Hi Chris,

Do you have the plan to make it more seo friendly?

Here is an article about seo frieldly cms on searchengineland.com. The Url is searchengineland.com/how-to-choose-content-management-systems-for-seo-24945

It would be great it if you can add more seo functions to it.

Could you please be more specific, our Cms already includes many of the features mentioned in that article you linked.

Looks really nice, good work.

Maybe you could consider thee following list.


[*]the ability to add alt attributes to both linked and unlinked images, and control over image file names and locations

[*]a "301 header Redirect" or rewrite rule when we change the page URL.

[*]canonical tag support

[*]No broken image: When deleting an image, pointing out which page is using it, so that we can remove it beforehand.

[*]No internal broken link: When deleting pages, automatically removes all links throughout going to that page.

[*]All links and deep links created by the editor automatically get the target page’s H1 tag text as a title.e.g. A link pointing to seo-test.html can automatically use seo test as the “link title” tag.We can also manually change it too.

[*]When saving content, automatically add links to the page we specify in deep link page?

[*]Counter advice on SEO fields according to google’s result page to help to have a good looking search result?e.g.title: 65,keywords: 4-7,description: 150



I just installed it, went to <site>/cms/node and got the error 404 The system is unable to find the requested action "view".

And for every <site>/cms/node/[page/update]/id/<whatever> I only get “the requested page doesn’t exist” although being logged in.

What do I miss?

Do you have mod rewrite enabled?

Yes. The problem was that I missed the point, that you have to link to the first node from a static page…


Could you please advise me - how do I change language on site for visitor (like on your demo?)

How do I add new nodes?

I’ve installed cms-0.9.0.zip, there are only nodes tree on right side.

link node/create doesnt work - "The system is unable to find the requested action "create"."

One little glitch I just stumbled upon: when embedding a non-ascii-character in a link, the source is displayed. Example:



are both displayed as is instead of creating a link…

Hey All,

We are working on a new version of NordCms.

Check out the demo and let us know what you think:


There will still be some improvements before the official release but right now we have polished to UI, rebuilt the model structure and added menu functionality.

I’m considering to integrate NordCms with my Image module (http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/img) to provide image versioning among other image related functionality. The idea would be to separate the images from the attachments and provide a good UI for embedding images in content.

The new demo site doesn’t work

Any chance the demo is going to get fixed?

I installed nordcms, received errors regarding location of cmscontroller, copied it to the controllers subdir of the module, and things seem to work.

I’m just not rightly sure how to set up friendly urls that don’t have -1 -2 etc on them.

Can I do that within the cms? I need to be able to set up urls like domain.com/about-us domain.com/brochure etc…


this is a great extension!

I’m struggling on how to get the id or name of the currently displayed node in a model-file which is in protected/models.

How can I achieve that? I guess it’s simple …

Just tried this - www.cniska.net/nordcms/en/site/restore - and it brought the demo site back up again.

Please only use this link when the demo site is unresponsive to give people a chance for a play.

Keep up the good work Chris, your extensions are very much appreciated.

Hi Chris,

Nice work your CMS! I am trying a copy of your 2.0 version today and I am wondering about the checkAccess() function. Can your Rights module and e.g. the User module easily be integrated you think? Have you done this before and if so, could you provide me with an example?

Have a nice day!



I like your extension, especially the 2.0 demo. I checked out the v2 from bitbucket but I noticed not all functionality is there. I would like to use the menu functionality there. Do you plan to release all the sourcecode?

Actually, I would like to contribute. I’m working on a way to place widgets in regions.

kind regards

Thijs Lemmens

Hi Chris83,

I’m working with your CMS and I would like to know if it is possible to generate automatically and recursive menu by using the cms field parentId in CmsNode table. Please could you tell me a possible way forward?



I am new to YII Framework. I have installed the YII framwork (version v1.1.12). I have also installed the cms extension (version 0.9.0) (http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/cms).

I am facing a problem here. I am getting an error.

Property "CWebApplication.cms" is not defined.


Am i missing anything? Please help.


after doing all of the configuration in yiiframework site,what is next?

how can I access this cms in my site?

how can I update a para with it