[EXTENSION] NewOrbitSlider

Hi everyone,

This is my first post =] . I’ve created an extension and I would like to it be too useful for everyone as it was for me.

Recently I found an extension on a repository and it was the OrbitSlider, however, did not worked to me. So I decided to create my own extension, inspired in the originial site’s extensions. I gave the name NewOrbitSlider.

Well, below is an example of how to use it:





                        'img'=> dirname(Yii::app()->getBaseUrl()).'/images/1.jpg',


                        'caption'=> 'text example 1',



                        'img'=> dirname(Yii::app()->getBaseUrl()).'/images/2.jpg',


                        'caption'=> 'text example 2',



                        'img'=> dirname(Yii::app()->getBaseUrl()).'/images/3.jpg',


                        'caption'=> 'text example 3',











Attached is the extension for download.

Hope that helps =].

Best Regards

Jader Bittencourt

Great Post

I will test it

This may be slightly old now, but nice work.

I have just done up a similar thing based on the existing OrbitSlider code to enable the use of the latest OrbitSlider version and fix a few bugs etc based on the comment by TomTheGeek on the extension page.

I also made some changes to OrbitSlider itself to hide the nav tabs until you mouse over the slider and made them a little smaller.

If anyone is interested I have loaded it up to GitHub

Sorry, cant post links yet so its at the below address