[EXTENSION] (Module) Views Counter


I’ve just release PcViewsCounter extension. Its a module that achieves ‘views counting’ on your website. From its list of features:

  • Attach-able to any content type on your site.
  • Self contained widget provides all you need to integrate a ‘views count widget’ in existing pages.
  • Widget can be called in ‘view-only’ mode, which means it won’t advance the counter but just display it. This is good for showing ‘views count’ in a tabular presentation of data. For example, when you want to show a table view (=CGridView) of posts, along with data of views count in each row (=on each post).
  • Works in AJAX after the page has been loaded. This has two great benefits:[list]
  • It minimizes the performance impact on the site.
  • It skip false counts for search engine which, to the best of my knowledge, don’t issue AJAX requests and thus no count will be accounted on visits from search engines/other-crawlers.

[]Count views for both guest and authenticated users.[]Tracks users based on user_id (if logged in), cookie and IP address (supports tracking on both IPv4 and IPv6).[*]Counts both unique and non-unique impressions. Each instantiation of the included widget can be asked to run in unique or non-unique mode and they can be combined on the same page.[/list]

The full details are in the extension’s page:


Hi Boaz,

I’ve created an issue in PCViewsCounter Github repo.

Could you please have a look into it when you have time?

Thank you!

I’ll take a look as soon as I can and reply there. I estimate I could examine it today (but I cannot tell about a fix estimation yet).