This extension provides giix templates for ajax CRUD code generation of a MANY_MANY Model relationship,between Category-like and Product-like Models.

The Category-like model is given a nestedset Behavior and administered with jstree plugin.

The Product-like model is administered with either a CGridView or a CListView.

Clicking on the category nodes of the tree will filter the product records in CGridView(or CListView).

Frontend views are also provided,with only read (view) operation.

The forms are rendered in a pop up window (fancybox) and the submission is an ajax process.However because the jquery form plugin is used (see resources) ,it is possible to include a file field and submit the form without a page refresh.This is not ajax though,as the XHR object cannot do this.A technique involving an iframe is used.For more info see jquery form plugin documentation.



SK Yii Test Lab,MANY_MANY Ajax CRUD Administration

I am a big fan of your Yii test lab!

This is a great Extension. Thanks a lot!

I’ve wanted to use jsTree in Yii for a long time… and combined with the nestedBehavior, it is just perfect.

I just downloaded and installed everything, there was a little bug in the DEMO:

views/categorydemo/index.php, line 256

<?php echo baseUrl; ?>

should be

<?php echo $baseUrl; ?>

(Hope this is the right place for bug reports…)

Best regards…

Updat: Sorry, I mixed thins up: the bug is in the

nestedsetadmingui extension