Extension Loading


i have a question about loading extension !

if i define a extension in app config, this extension will be load when application run or will be include when i use it ?

It depends on the kind of extension you’ve made/using. If it is an Application Component (CApplicationComponent) then you can definitely preload it or lazy load it: Yii::app()->foo->bar()

i using Mailer extension that i downloaded from extensions directory

and i configure it in app file config :

'mailer' => array(

	      'class' => 'ext.mailer.EMailer',

 	      'pathViews' => 'application.views.email',

 	      'pathLayouts' => 'application.views.email.layouts'


If you did write the code below in config/main.php then you can use this extension as:

Yii::app()->mailer->(whatever functions are supported)