[Extension] JqueryUI Form enhancement

extension found here

Automatically enhance a form with jQueryUI without Zii

Update to v2.2 (changed the Filament Group’s select menu with multiselect widget and added listbox)


  • checkboxes and radio buttons

  • dropdowns and listboxes with filter

  • the rest of the fields and buttons

Give it a try.



There are two kind of dropdowns you can set after you initialize the widget ($state = $this->createWidget(‘application.extensions.jQueryCascade.jQueryCascade’);):

  1. dropDownList

  2. activeDropDownList

Both looks like the ones from Yii with an addition of three parameters at the end:

  • source: the URL from where you take the info

  • cascaded: the depending dropdowns

  • callback: a not very well implemented way to fire a javascript function after the data is loaded.

If problems please give me more info about how did you use it