[EXTENSION] jQuery-based slider

This is a simple wrapper for the jQuery UI slider. You’ll need to add text fields for this to be useful in a form.


Please use thise thread to post your bug reports.

Version 1.1 - Now you can set when to show the values!

I might have experienced some error when I decompressed the archive but there was no .php file in the archive.

From looking at the other extensions I think there should be a .php file in there.

Is the archive complete?



Yes, you need the .php class file, which is the Yii extension. The tarball includes it. You need to:

[tt]gunzip archive.tar.gz

tar xvf archive.tar[/tt]

You can also use [tt]ark[/tt] if you're on KDE. There are some other graphical compressors for *nix. For Windows, you could try WinRar or WinZIP. I dunno for Mac OS X, but I guess you could use [tt]gunzip[/tt] and [tt]tar[/tt] too (in fact these programs does exist for Windows)

ok thanks,

I had to FTP the downloaded file to my production server and use putty to log in so that I was working in the unix environment.

I know, I know, a linux box is in my future, hopefully next year!! ::)

In the mean time if anyone is interested I could upload the file in .zip format


Added zip file