[Extension] Jnterface

Base class for all jQuery widget JnterfaceWidget:

  • setScriptFiles($scriptArray)

  • setCustomScriptFile($str, $pos = 4)

  • setCssFiles($cssArray)

  • setViewName($vName)

  • setViewData($dataArray)

  • publishWidget($widgetID, $widgetName = null)

Widget, based on JnterfaceWidget: fisheye, popeye, thickBoxImage, uGallery, imgPreview.


I'm trying to use the uGallery extension and noticed a couple of strange things/bugs. 

  1. If there are more than 4 images, the default image when it loads is the last one instead of the first.

  2. If there are fewer thumbnails than can fill up the gallery strip, the animation does not work properly.  As you hover over the thumbnails, the block of images moves to the right instead of staying anchored to the left.

Just wondering if you have experienced and corrected these problems.



Has anyone tried this extension yet? 

I've been able to solve the sorting issue with the list of images by resorting the array before it is passed to uGallery.js.  For some reason, the array is not sorted properly. 

I continue to have mousing issues when the number of thumbnails overflow the width of the main div.  As soon as i hover over the thumbs the first one disappears to the left.  It's there, but gets hidden to the left beyond the left border.  I can see a sliver of it and click on it if I use Firefox, but not Safari nor IE. 

I tried a test page outside of yii just using the ugallery examples and everything works fine.  I update ugallery.js to the latest version as well. 

I would really appreciate some help with this one since I'm guessing it's something to do with the extension, rather than ugallery itself.