[extension] image

hi there.

anyone of those have used this extension knows about the requirements for windows?

I have tried and can't make this work, i have install imagemagick and executed the example code

        $image = Yii::app()->image->load('images/test.png');

        $image->resize(400, 100)->sharpen(20)->quality(75);


but the does not overwrite the image.

any idea?

try gd2

thanks for the tip.

i thougth gd was more complicated then imagick, hope not to find issues along.

seems godaddy also support gd.

Hey, very good job!

I’ve written two little more functions for personal purposes:

watermark() and insertText()

The former is to insert a watermark over a photo/image, like:

$image->watermark(path_to_the_overlay_image): accepts gif, jpeg, jpg and png and is chainable

The latter is to insert a given text into the image:


I thought the original author could improve and insert these features in the default package…if so, i’ll be glad to send the file…



My 2 cents.

I prefer ImageMagick because GD2 consumes too much memory working with large images, it can be an issue on some shared hostings.

But i stuck with Image extension for ImageMagick in windows environment >:(

great job, I would like to improve and insert these features in the default package.

my email: cuiming2355_cn@hotmail.com

Is the “image” extension upgraded with watermark() function? I’ve downloaded and it doesn’t stay.

And I too. Where is a watermark? why this function is in the documentation and actually do not?

This is an old topic, but why is the watermark function not available yet?

Some time ago(because of need in additional functionality), I have made fork of this extension: https://bitbucket.org/z_bodya/yii-image

watermark is already avaliable there.

Awesome, I will check out this fork, tnx a lot!