[extension] Image

(Sebastianmazur) #1


is it possible to generate image on fly, without save on disk?


(Mh) #2

See http://de2.php.net/m…n/ref.image.php and http://de2.php.net/m…xamples-png.php .

(Sebastianmazur) #3


maybe author image extension could add this feature?

(Cuiming2355 Cn) #4

sorry qwerty

Will not add this feature

this extension only Kohana Image Library wrapper

Kohana Image Library could not generate image on fly


(Marcos Rmt) #5

changes in Image class to cut images into square from a rectangular image without distortion

Added new constant SQUARE

Modified ‘resize’ method to check the value of SQUARE and define if $master will determine WIDTH or HEIGHT

to cut images square

$thumb = Yii::app()->image->load('your_image.png');                                            

$thumb->resize(120, 120, Image::SQUARE)->crop(120,120)->sharpen(15)->quality(75);



(Schmunk) #6


works very nice! Thank you.

I just modified the files a little bit:

Yii::setPathOfAlias('image', dirname(__FILE__));


instead of the full path, in Image and CImageComponent.

Because I use it as a extension in a module.

Best regards,


(Serebrov) #7

There is a bug with transparent gif resizing - background becomes black.

Here is fixed 435


(Asgaroth Belem) #8

I have another problem which seems really bad.

Lets say I have an Image with 400k size, here is my code.

public function actionPrueba(){

		$imgh = Yii::app()->image;

		$img = $imgh->load("C:/test/images/30225.jpg");



then if I right click the image and save it locally, the new size its 712k.

I dont know why is i getting bigger, any help? Im really worried cause its affecting my site’s preformance really bad.