[EXTENSION] ieditor

Hi All,

Everybody aware about the editor. It’s Yii’s extension for a WYSIWYG online text editor.

It’s just a binding to FCKEditor library. Therefore the binding has an integration problem with Yii’s code. The library has support old php. And Yii’s code is very modern.

I think editor has following misfeatures:

  • Php code of FCKEditor library is copied to the asset folder;

  • Php code of FCKEditor library is not integrated into Yii framework;

  • Uploading of images and files is weak.

It’s important that uploading files would associated with an article which refer to them.

And editor extension doesn’t help with this.

I’ve improved editor extension.

There were following changes in the extension:

  • Most of php code was removed;

  • Upload request is arrive to Yii’s action;

  • An editor widget gets a route to the action and an id of a host entity.

    The host entity is an object an uploaded file belongs to;

  • ieditor extension has a template abstract action class that is purposed to process

upload requests;

  • A body of "A" tag can be changed with a dialog window of a link properties.