Extension idea: debug console

I’d like your opinion of an idea I had for a module, it’s inspired by the Smarty debug console. It would run as a seperate window alongside the website you’re working on, it should display at least the following things:

  • Log monitor: would show the latest log-entries, (near)realtime logging is possible using ajax

  • Info about controller actions, rendered views, etc

  • Info about environment variables, like Yii config, phpinfo(), host info

  • File explorer, browse remote files (handy when on cloudhosting with no FTP)

The most important thing is that the debug console is a seperate module that does not (or very minimally) interfere with the running website, so it won’t mess up the workings of the site, and it’s safe to use on a live site. The module could be secured with a password or IP (similar to GII).

Does something like this already exists? And what other functionality could be included?

I think there are two such extensions already. :)

If I get some time, I might even find them for you.

Ok, the only sort of extensions I knew about where toolbars/sidebars. I’d like to have a module that is completely seperate, so it could even be used to monitor a live site.

Oh - looks like I didn’t read the entire post - good point.

No that doesn’t exist for Yii, AFAIK.