[Extension] Htmltable

Frustrated, as I am too New to post a comment directly regarding this Plugin I guess I have to post it here. I am trying to simply display the Demo, using the example, but I get the following error.

Alias "ext.htmlTableUi.htmlTableUi" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing PHP file.

As an extension I would have assumed that it would known about these when added as directed, to the extensions, but I can only assume that is wrong.

Never mind I resolved this. I have the demo working.

Now, I have the one I want and the old one side by side, now I need this

$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(

    'id' => 'users-grid',

    'dataProvider' => $model->search(),

    'filter' => $model,

    'columns' => array(



            'name' => 'credits_consumed',

            'htmlOptions' => array('width' => '40px'),



            'header' => 'Last Request',

            'value' => 'count($data->clientMacAddresses) > 0 && ($data->clientMacAddresses[0]->updated_at > $data->last_request) ? $data->clientMacAddresses[0]->updated_at : $data->last_request',



            'header' => 'Client Version',

            'value' => 'count($data->clientMacAddresses) == 0 ? "N/A" : $data->clientMacAddresses[0]->client_version',



            'class' => 'CButtonColumn',




to be changed into something that uses htmltables










    'extra'=>'Additional Information',

    'footer'=>'Total rows: '.count($rowsArray).' By: José Rullán',

    'formTitle'=>'Form Title',




    'subtitle'=>'Rev 1.3.5',

    'title'=>'Table 2',


I will get their in the end. As a side note ‘ext.htmlTableUi.htmlTableUi’ would not find the location of htmlTableUi, so I copied htmlTableUI directly into the extensions folder, changed it to ‘ext.htmlTableUi’ and it worked like a charm after that