[Extension] Googlechart

Hi all,

since I couldn’t find any discussion on the googlechart extension (by Scott_Huang) I made this one.

I use it for displaying Organizational Chart. After some trial and error here is example code from view that works for me:



        $this->widget('ext.Hzl.google.HzlVisualizationChart', array('visualization' => 'OrgChart', 'packages'=>'orgchart',

            'data' => array(

                array('Name', 'Manager','ToolTip'),

                array(array('v'=>'Mike','f'=>'Mike<div style="color:red; font-style:italic">President</div>'), '', 'The President'),

                array(array('v'=>'Jim','f'=>'Jim<div style="color:red; font-style:italic">Vice President</div>'), 'Mike', 'VP'),

                array('Alice', 'Mike', ''),

                array('Bob', 'Jim', 'Bob Sponge'),

                array('Carol', 'Bob', '')


            'options' => array('allowHtml' => true)));



It should render same as google example (google: Visualization: Organizational Chart).