[EXTENSION] Google Static Maps

Discussion of the Yii wrapper for Google Static Maps API.

Thanks a lot , very nice.

How I do hyperlink for link from Google Maps, I tried add my link www.google.com/map in ‘linkUrl’. but it show the map in my app, I wanna in new window and connect to Google map.

I think you want a user to click on the Static map and have a new window open with the destination URL.


    'center'=>'52.3214,2.34403', // Or you can use text eg. Dundee, Scotland

    'linkUrl'=>'http://maps.google.com/', // You will need to get the maps page you want to link to.

    'linkOptions'=>array('target'=>'_blank'), // HTML options for link tag (optional)


Nice… it works.

Thanks a lot for this extension :)

Just to clarify, we can’t currently use baloons over markers as on dynamic maps?

Also, center parameter is not required when markers are present, according to API:

correct me if I’m wrong

You can’t have balloons with static maps.

You only need to supply a center if there are no markers.


I use this extension to my work and add some modification to handle polyline, and it works. My problem now is how to use custom icon like the original static map?

Thanks a lot.