Extension For Crud For More Than One Tables.

Hi everone,

Is there any extension in yii that help in CRUD operation for more than one table.?

plz inform if any exist.


What you need sounds very general to me. Can you provide more details? Yii’s ActiveRecord implementation makes juggling with objects very easy, including ‘related’ objects.

@Boaz, Sir actually i wan to display-fetch-search data using multiple models/table .but this have to done with great effort.But as concerned yii.it is code generator for CRUD.so what the way we use any extensions for ActiveRecords.so this method of CRUD for multiple table/models would become easy.thanks

Apologize but I’m not sure I’m understanding what you need/want.

I think you take a look at the documentation page on working with related objects. Maybe that would help.

thanks for considering.

actually very simply i want to retrieve data from related multiple tables.

That’s sounds better :)

Simply read the resource I linked (Relational Active Record). I also strongly recommend reading the entire ‘guide’ (the page I linked is in the guide itself).

Thanks,actually i already read this.but there are a lot of problems each time occur when i user relations among models.so in my point of view it is not perfect coding providing by yii. For example if we want to retrieve data from only two tables we have to create relations,change the ar model,change the search() method ,change the gridview…i mean a lot of coding have to be done.

but same process if we do in simple php.we can customize as per our choice easily.but question is that what is the best benefit of yii regarding Relational Active Record.?