I just created this Sitemap Extension which allows you to add class based actions to a controller to create a sitemap.

The extension can be found here:


Please share any feedback/feature requests!

Added this to GitHub as well- https://github.com/DanaLuther/ESitemap

Hi there. Great work on the extension.

Thought I’d share something though but since I’m kind of a new poster it definitely had to be here on the forum page.

Your thinking was pretty much spot on in the url / path formulation for the specified model type and only then replacing the parameter values but you’d probably want to change the SitemapModel to urlencode said parameter values, so it’d output the correct value instead of the current unencoded one.


instead of

<loc>example.domain/post/2-this is a post</loc>

SitemapModel.php (line 136) should then become:

$vals[] = urlencode($model->$attr);

Keep up the great work.

Hi! Great extension!

But I have just one question about it:

How can I use several models into the ‘classConfig’?

I mean if I have some action with input params of several different models?

For example:

public function actionOne(modelX_id, modelY_id, modelZ_id){}

Can you tell me what is the difference between using xml extension of yii and xml created by xml generator? I need xml site map for my website.

Thanks for the extension.
But I’m having problems with tags, in the product table with column tags values(tag 1,tag 2,tag 3) and the link on the website is domain/tag/tag-1, domain/tag/tag-2, domain/tag/tag-3 how do I add it to the sitemap. Any ideas. Thank you.