[EXTENSION] EScriptBoost

Hi all,

I added EScriptBoost extension to the Yii repository. Suggestions, bugs, highly appreciated.

Here is the link: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/escriptboost/

Thanks for your positive replies


I really like this a lot!

Was going to tackle something like this too, as none of the existing extensions did what I wanted.

Too bad that you can only give one plus. :)

Coming from you is worth more :)

Glad it helps… wonder how could it be improved… suggestions?

I’ll be sure to provide feed back when I get around to integrating it. :)


Why the extension give me this error? UNKNOWN TOKEN TYPE:


Need a bit more information about it… in order to help you out. Never had that issue. try to use JSLint online tools and see if it gives you the same error. As you know, in order to minify the script it has to follow certain rules.