Just added my "emustache" extension here: http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/emustache/

It basically is a wrapper for the great mustache.php library. I tried to make the switch from classic php "templates" to mustache templates as easy as possible by using the exact same syntax as Yii does. Find more info at the extension page or the Github project page



Hi Haensel,

Does this extension work with CActiveDataProvider for something like a list of items? If so, can you provide an example of how that might work? I see an example for a single model, but what if you wanted a list of models? Thanks for reading. I appreciate any help.

I have been pimping Mustache as a template engine for Yii2 here:


However, it was closed.

And I understand that there is enough on the plates of the Yii devs as it is right now.

Still, I feel that concentrating solely on the PHP community is a mistake…

What are your experiences using Mustache with Yii Haensel?

One of the benefits of Mustache is that it has support for 26 languages where Smarty and Twig is PHP only.

It means that one could develop and test Mustache templates using Javascript…

It also means that one could switch to Backbone.js either completely or partially, without touching the view templates at all …

I wonder how easy it would be to port your extension to Yii2 ?