[extension] EditArea wrapper for YII


I’ve made my first extension to YII. Unfortunately i just registered, so i’m “too new” to upload it to extensions page ;)

Extension made to easy use EditArea script in YII ( EditArea homepage )

Example of the script here.

It’s generating textarea field with line numbers, and syntax highlighting (css, php, html, etc.) - very useful in some cases, hope someone will use it.

Fully configurable, all options available here.


Extract under /protected/extensions/


$this->widget('application.extensions.editarea.EEditArea', array(

	'name'=>'your name',

	'value'=>'your value',









Since this is my first extension i’m looking for some feedback.

Peace ;)


I think you need to post 5 messages on the forum before being able to post your extension … spammer are everywhere !! ;)

got it ;) thanks

Looks great, thanks for sharing!

I’m using one that I did myself, pretty simple tho

Im definetly changing to yours soon