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I have found another extension created by Vince, but it is too complex and there are many bugs during my usage.


This extension just extend from {link: CClientScript} using few codes, it will allow you to automatically combine all script files and css files into a single (or several) script or css files. Basically this will reduce the HTTP calls for resources files by merging several resources files into a single (or more) files. It can automatically detect the required list of files, and generate a unique filename hash, so boldly ease of use.

Css Files:

CSS files are merged based on there media attribute, background images with a relative path in file can also be displayed correctly.

Script files:

Script files are merged based on their position, If you use the ‘CClientScript::POS_HEAD’ you will end up with a single file for all the script files you’ve used on that page. If you use ‘CClientScript::POS_HEAD’ and ‘CClientScript::POS_END’ for example then you’ll end up with two files for each page on that request, Since those resources are located in different positions.

Hi! I try use in my project ECLientScript and got:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in D:\usr\…\protected\extensions\EClientScript\EClientScript.php on line 314

Yii version 1.4

all js & css files placed in js/ css/ directories

Try to turn off ‘optimizeScriptFile’, set this options to false.

because the optimization is called via google compiler.

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in \www\protected\extensions\minify\EClientScript.php on line 316

(combineCssFiles=true, all other options=false)

I also wanted a gzip version of this, so here is my modification.

add the public var to the class


 * @var boolean if a gzip version of the files should be created


public $gzip = false;

create a new private method


 * GZIP a file


 * @param $path The file to gzip

 * @return boolean


private function gzipFile($path) {

	$zp = gzopen($path.'.gz', "w6");

	if ($zp) {

		gzwrite($zp, file_get_contents($path));

		return gzclose($zp);

	} else {

		return false;




if ($this->gzip) {



in combineCssFiles() and combineScriptFiles() after the line with:

file_put_contents($fpath, $fileBuffer);

now in your config file you can add

‘gzip’ => true / false to enable/disable the gzip

Great extension hightman ^_^

Hi!! Thank you for your great extension.

I try it and it works perfect! But then I use it with optimizeScriptFiles I have some errors in my output javascript files. I tried to use JSMin instead JSMinPlus and in works without errors. Maybe you can change your code or make optimizeScriptFiles to be protected.

Thank you!!

Hey This is worked for me,

changed in



// application components

‘clientScript’ => array(

	  'class' => 'ext.ExtendedClientScript.ExtendedClientScript',

	  'combineCss' => true,

	  'compressCss' => false,

	  'combineJs' => false,

	  'compressJs' => false,


//(combineCssFiles=true, all other options=false)

thank you…

Mar 29, 2013

  • New version number 1.5

  • Compatiable with the 3rd parameter of registerScript and registerScriptFile

  • Add support for conditional loading js/css file in IE.

  • Prepend the base url of current request when register a script/css file with relative path

Mar 27, 2013 (by Muayyad Alsadi)

  • New version number 1.4

  • update JSMinPlus, CssMin

  • use stronger hash for file names

  • consider modification time for calculating hash

  • enable all features by default

Dec 06, 2010

  • Fixed problem for css files that begin with @charset "xxx", it should be in the first line of file and not repeatly.

  • Add support for theme resource files.

$cs = Yii::app()->clientScript;


// result to: <--[if lt IE 9]><script src="/js/html5.js"></script><![endif]-->

$cs->registerScriptFile('/js/html5.js', CClientScript::POS_HEAD, array('media' => 'lt IE 9'));

// result to: <!--[if lte IE 6]><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="bootstrap/css/ie.css" /><![endif]-->

$cs->registerCssFile('/css/ie.css', 'lte IE 6');

hi, hightman

how can we collaborate on this. I have more suggestions and enhancements

I use github

and I already took pull requests from other people (like Alexey xt99)

I’ve merged your pull request thank you very much

I shall push any modifications to your repo